10 application tips for SoftLips - improvisation artists

10 Anwendungstipps für SoftLips - Improvisationskünstler

Today I want to introduce you to my must-have beauty product that I just can't live without. And it is small, practical and immediately gives super soft, tender lips.

We are talking about the SoftLips lip care by Dr. Massing.

The care stick with the unique active ingredient complex, which consists of plant oils and hyaluronic acid, provides long-lasting moisture.

In addition, rich shea butter, valuable beeswax and essential vitamin E acetate care for the lips noticeably softer and smooth.

In addition to super soft lips, the care also gives a volume push for the mouth. Thus, fine lines (pleats) and wrinkles are actively plumped up.

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Application tips for SoftLips

And here's the best part: lip care can do much more than conjure up a soft kissable mouth.

How else can the new beauty all-round secret weapon be used?

I'll tell you! One thing is clear in any case: from today at the latest, you should also always have a SoftLips in your pocket!

1. As a nail rescue:
Even in the cold season, dry hands can become a problem. Then also suffers the dry nail bed and becomes quickly splissig.

The solution: care! Especially the hands and the nail bed should then be creamed daily. Greasy creams, such as petroleum jelly or a lip balm are particularly suitable for this.

So brittle nails have no more chance!

2. As a highlighter replacement:
On the road and no complete beauty equipment with you? No problem! Because thanks to the lip care you can give your complexion a little freshness boost in an instant.

Highlighter is considered the secret weapon for a radiant and fresh complexion. And you can  achieve the same light-reflecting effect with your lip care.

Thanks to the greasy film, the pencil provides a shimmering glow on the cheekbones or below the brows.

Stressful day at work? Simply passé...

3. As express help against split ends:
Broken hair tips probably knows every woman. Normally help regular tip cutting so as rich care in the form of hair treatments and special tip fluids.

If it must go but times quickly these helpers are usually not at hand. Then it does also times a lip balm.

Simply rub some of it between your fingers and thus carefully drive over the hair. Straw frizzy hair is guaranteed to disappear immediately.

4. As an eyeshadow base:
A special, gel-like eyeshadow base ensures that the color holds particularly well. As an alternative, can also be helped with some lipbalm.

Simply give a thin layer of it on the eyelid and fix with a little powder. So the eye shadow can not settle in the crease and the eye makeup lasts for hours.

But the lip balm can do much more: So, for example, can also make up the trendy wet look on the eyes.

To do this, simply apply one to two layers of lip care over the Eyeshadow or on the pure eyelid. Ready is the shimmering wet look.

5. As a smoother for Wow-Brows:
That #eyebrowsonfleek are always top styled, everyone knows by now. But what can you do if the hairs in between no longer sit as they should? Here, too, the care pen is your friend and helper.

Simply apply a bit of it to the brows and then brush into shape. This makes the look again long lasting.

Tip: Especially for blond brows, the fat pencil creates a beautiful, shimmery finish.

6. As a skin helper:
Who does not know it? As soon as the heaters are back on full blast, the face becomes dry, flaky and taut.

Now the skin needs a quick immediate help and there is no time to wait until the evening care routine.

And who would have guessed? The lip balm is also perfect for this. And don't worry: The thin film of fat is quickly absorbed by dry facial skin and provides it with extra care.

7. As a stain remover for mascara bloopers:
Mal run again the mascara? Annoying! But even that can be removed with the lip care easy.

Who has no cotton swab at hand, on which he can give the fat cream, can also simply work with the corner of a handkerchief.

7. As a stain remover for mascara bloopers: 
Mal again the mascara run? Annoying! But even that can be removed with the lip care easy.

Who has no cotton swab at hand, on which he can give the fat cream, can also simply work with the corner of a handkerchief.

Simply coat with the care and run over the stain. The fat contained dissolves the mascara stain in an instant.

8. As a bodyguard for nasty blisters: 
And even if the new favorite shoes here and there begin to chafe and press, the care stick acts as a savior in distress.

Say the nasty blisters the fight and rub carefully all affected areas with some fat cream -  already the blister danger is averted.

9. As a cut sealant:
And also small cuts and wounds can be sealed with a lip care. This does not replace a band-aid, but at least dirt is kept away from the wound.

For dry and cracked lips helps the all-rounder finally also.

10. As a pre-cold helper:
Wintertime is cold season! What's left afterwards are usually sore nostrils, peeling from all the blowing.

Time to give the stressed skin some rest. Lip care is usually not only more tolerable, but also greasier than many creams.

And also other extremely dry areas, such as the elbow is happy about an extra care boost.

I'm sure you ll like the improv artist SoftLips as much as I do. Hire it now and do something good for your lips.

I wish you a lot of fun trying it out.

Did you like this blog article? Then comment on this post now. I look forward to it.
Your Elisa 💖

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