The power of Long Lashes

Die Kraft von LongLashes

The beauty ideal of voluminous eyelashes has always been valid and does not let us go nowadays. Eyelashes frame the eye and give an expressive look. They give the eyes a frame (as well as the eyebrows) and support the natural radiance. The longer and more voluminous eyelashes are, the more the sparkle of the eyes is supported.

Happily, nowadays it is possible to fulfill the desire for thicker, long eyelashes.

The magic bullet for this is the vegan LongLashes eyelash serum from Dr. Massing.

This is a natural way to achieve the desired dream eyelashes and a natural, beautiful lash.

dr massing eyelash serum experience

Why is Long Lashes Serum so good?

The vegan LongLashes eyelash serum ensures natural, thick and strengthened eyelashes due to the high concentration of growth-promoting active ingredients in combination with nourishing substances and vitamins, such as biotin and hyaluronic acid.

The new flexibility and strength also prevents unwanted breakage of the eyelashes.

Another special feature of the eyelash serum is that this can also be easily used for the eyebrows. So the eye gets again additionally a frame, which provides for an even stronger expression.

Beautiful, thick eyelashes, expressive eyebrows and an enchanting eye look are thus already within reach.

I wish you lots of fun trying it out.

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Hallo Valentina. Danke für deine Frage :-) Ja, das Wimpernserum kann auch an den Augenbrauen verwendet werden. An den Augenbrauen empfehlen wir es 2x am Tag über 8-10 Wochen anzuwenden. LG Pia



Hallo wollte fragen ist es auch für Augenbrauen geeignet?

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