Immediate help for acne through mask

Soforthilfe bei Akne durch Maske

For over a year, this topic accompanies us as a side effect of the Corona pandemic and will certainly still occupy us in the coming months. We are talking about so-called "masking", i.e. acne caused by wearing a mask or covering the mouth and nose.

While doing so, many complain of small pimples, undercoating, redness and irritated skin around the mouth area.

Instant help for pimples through mouth guards - This really helps against skin problems!

Today you will learn how you can avoid annoying acne by mouth guard and what can help you with really bad pimple attacks. But before I go into detail, I want to draw attention to the importance of wearing a mouthguard. Wearing it, as well as wearing it correctly, is crucial. The health of all of us is paramount here and should be a concern of all of us. #wearingiscaring

Why do you get acne from masking?

There are two main interdependent reasons for the rash, pimples or redness around the mouth. The material of the mask (often fabric) rubs over the same areas of the skin over and over again due to regular wear, even for hours on end, compromising the skin barrier.

Dirt and germs, which feel especially at home in warm and humid breathing air, promote more bacteria on the skin, which can penetrate much more easily through the disturbed skin barrier and cause inflammation.

That's why it's important to ventilate from time to time! But please only if the circumstances allow it. If you work with a mask, you could spend your lunch break with a short walk in the fresh air. This will not only do your skin good, but your whole body and mind.

Whoever can, should also avoid wearing makeup under the mask. Wearing a mouthguard will cause a thin film of condensation from your own breath and sweat to form on your skin after only a short time, and makeup will make it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

If you want to wear makeup, try to fix it as much as possible without having to refresh it every 2 hours. The more often your already "dirty" skin comes into contact with brushes and makeup, the more germs remain on the skin and, in the long term, in the beauty products as well.

Therefore, you should clean your brushes regularly and replace your beauty products with new ones every few months.

Pimples by mask: How can I prevent pimples?

The material and fit of your mask is crucial to how much your skin is irritated. Therefore, the material should be as skin-friendly and soft as possible, and the mask should fit comfortably and securely. The more often you change your mask or wash it (at 60 degrees), the fewer germs and bacteria will affect your skin barrier.

By the way, changing and washing also advances the fight against coronavirus.

Quick help for pimples - My 2 secret tips

Number 1 in terms of fighting pimples:

The Hyalove Hyaluronic Serum!

That's because it's a hyaluronic serum, which can refresh your skin with pure moisture, reduce wrinkles, and even fight blemishes and pimples.

To rid your skin of pimples, Hyalove Detox effects help. They clarify, cleanse and detoxify your skin in depth, keeping your your skin protected from new impurities and reducing new pimples and redness.

Click here to learn more about Hyalove

Number 2 for immediate help: zinc ointment

Do you know when you suddenly wake up with a huge pimple or the skin hurts in a certain place and you know that there is a pimple coming soon? Exactly here can Zinc ointment really help well. Zinc ointment removes impurities virtually the breeding ground, whereby bacteria are killed and the inflamed pimple dries out. 

At the same time, it promotes healing of the skin and prevents the appearance of pimple marks. I have already tried it myself and was able to achieve good results in the first 24-48h.

Conclusion: Wearing mouth guards does not mean having to live with pimples. Your skin needs moisture, care and special attention right now. If you change 2-3 things in your skin care routine, you can have really beautiful skin in the long run and feel fully comfortable in your skin. And who knows, you might even discover Hyalove love.

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Leider habe ich auch immer Pickelchen um den Mund durch die Maske bekommen. Das hat mir schwer zu schaffen gemacht. Seitdem benutze ich eine Zinksalbe und trage diese immer abends auf die betroffenen Stellen auf und was soll ich sagen, morgens sind die Pickel nur noch leicht durch die entzündungshemmende Wirkung zu sehen. Ich kann die Salbe von This Place https://this.place/collections/zinksalbe sehr empfehlen: angenehmer Geruch, gute Inhaltsstoffe, sehr ergiebig!

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