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Do you have light eyebrows due to your hair color or have you been suffering from weak eyebrow hair growth for a long time? You don't feel like using makeup and touching up your brows all the time? Let me tell you that you are not alone with this problem! Thin eyebrows are not uncommon. However, they should never gnaw at your self-confidence. After all, there is a suitable solution for every problem - including the weak hair growth of your brows.

Here you will find useful tips on the subject of "perfect eyebrows". Especially about how to shape your eyebrows and how to take care of them. In addition, we reveal our little secret tip on how your eyebrows are guaranteed to sprout again.

How are beautiful eyebrows defined?

In the media, full eyebrows are associated with an eyebrow shape that is as high as possible. That is, the eyebrows should be beautifully curved and dense, so that your face looks well-proportioned and visually narrower. In addition, dense eye brows are a great desire of many. Also, eyebrows give your face a contour as well as a more intense expression.

How to determine your perfect eyebrow shape - The three different face shapes

When you look at someone's face, where do you usually look first? - Correct, into the eyes of your counterpart. The eyes also include your eyebrows, which is why the right eyebrow shape can play a decisive role. Which shape suits my face? Basically, there are three different face shapes to distinguish and thus also the appropriate eyebrow shape. The oval face, the round face and the angular face. There is a "perfect shape" for each of these different types:

  1. The oval or heart-shaped face: The sweep of the eyebrow arch is slightly upward. Starting from the root of the nose, until it reaches the highest point after about two-thirds of your length. The arch then drops in the last third.
  2. The more round face: Here, the eyebrow arch should be straight. Avoid a round arch on a round face. This will make your face look even rounder.
  3. The angular or elongated face: In contrast to the round face shape, a round eyebrow arch is recommended here. This will make the prominent facial features look much softer.

So whether you have an angular face shape or rather a round face, there are numerous beauty tricks you can use to give your brows that certain wow effect. Because the right shape can set off your eyes perfectly, maybe even without any eyebrow makeup at all. True to the motto: "What doesn't fit, will be made to fit!"

3 Eyebrow Trends - The Stars and Their Expressive Eyebrows

Trends come and go, but what is now phase? These are the current trends:

  1. Cara Delevingne: The British model is known for her bushy eyebrows and sets a beauty trend with this eyebrow look.
  2. Marlene Dietrich: The actress has thin, arched, eyebrows.
  3. Eva Mendes: Many make up high arched eyebrows: The actress is the prototype for the perfect eyebrows.

Meanwhile, there are countless makeup tips on the net, however, we should focus on the care of natural eyebrows. Because your eyebrows are basically the basis for all these beauty tips.

How to care for eyebrows perfectly?

Hand on heart, have you ever groomed your eyebrows? - Even the finest hairs need plenty of care. Few people do, but the care does not take long and you also need few accessories for it. A pair of tweezers, an eyebrow brush, aloe vera or a natural oil like castor oil. These utensils are a must-have for your grooming routine.

1. the perfect eyebrow styling: you can't avoid plucking them

Occasionally, you should pluck your brows to keep them in shape. Which utensils do I use to shape my brows? Do yourself a favor and avoid using blunt tweezers. They only cause pain and are also very tiring. Go for tweezers with a slanted end, a little wider at the bottom.

Did you know that it is best to pluck after a hot shower? Because at this time your body is least sensitive to pain for plucking. Also, your pores will be optimally opened and the makeup will be washed off, so you'll really catch every single hair. You can also use an eyebrow stencil and possibly an eyebrow pencil to help you achieve the right shape.

2. wow brows through the power of aloe vera

Since the care is at least as important as the plucking, you should take enough time for the eyebrows. We do not want to provoke painful inflammation, irritation and redness. But how do we counteract this? The answer is: apply a nourishing as well as cooling cream, lotion or gel to the eyebrows. For example, aloe vera is particularly suitable for eyebrow care, as the plant's ingredients have a moisturizing effect. Especially the gel has valuable amino acids as well as enzymes.

3. castor oil as a full-time nutrient provider

Castor oil is rich in vitamins, as well as proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants. Therefore, the ingredients of the oil are suitable for hair of any kind. The hair roots are supplied with the necessary nutrients, and hair growth is also stimulated, including that of the sparsely growing eyebrows. In the evening, dab the pure castor oil on a cotton swab on the eyebrows. Then massage it into the areas with your fingertips for about two to three minutes. This must then be left to work overnight. You can wash off the remaining oil the next morning with lukewarm water. Ideally, incorporate this into your evening routine daily.

Important: Test the castor oil on your skin before use. If you have sensitive skin, it can burn and irritate your skin.

Tips on how to pluck perfect eyebrows: This will help you to achieve the desired eyebrow shape in the future.

By plucking many hairs, you can deform the natural shape of the eyebrow. But what is the best way to shape them? If you follow these tips, you will surely achieve the perfect eyebrow shape:

  1. Your eyebrows should be slightly thicker in the inner corner of the eye. In the outer corner of the eye, on the other hand, they should be thin. The eyebrows should not exceed the nostril in the middle.
  2. The highest point of the eyebrow should be at about 2/3. In the last third, the brow lowers.
  3. Your natural eyebrow shape ends on the outside. That is, where the wing of the nose and the outermost point of the eye meet on an imaginary line.
  4. With the help of an eyebrow brush, you can brush the eyebrow hairs in the right direction before plucking. This way you can shape them in the best possible way.

Declare war on weak eyebrow hair growth

There are now numerous serums on the market that stimulate hair growth. So we have also developed an ideal eyebrow serum for you!

But how does an eyebrow serum work in the first place? The serum contains growth-promoting as well as nourishing ingredients. These include hyaluronic acid and vitamin B biotin, which promote eyebrow growth. Our eyebrow serum can be used as an eyelash serum at the same time, as it works with the same ingredients.

And when does the serum start to work? After about eight to ten weeks, you should start to see positive results from your eyebrow serum. It is important that you use the product regularly. Otherwise, the desired effect may be compromised. The eyebrow serum should be used 2x a day (morning and evening). If you pay attention to this, they can look fuller after a few weeks. And eventually, tiny new hairs can already be observed.

How did you like our article about "perfect eyebrows"? Were our tips helpful? Feel free to write your experiences in the comments. I look forward to it!

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