Learning self-love

Selbstliebe lernen

Loving yourself is difficult for many. No wonder - through the pursuit of success and the daily consumption of social media, one's own expectations are set so high that one increasingly compares oneself with others and looks for faults and flaws in oneself.

Self-love - such an important requirement.

I think self-love is such an important prerequisite for a healthy relationship, success and satisfaction.

In this blog article, learn about the effects of self-love and how you can learn to love yourself.

What does self-love mean?

Self-love, also self-love refers to the acceptance of oneself in the form of an unconditional love for oneself.

It is rather less about the visual favor, much more about the inner values and acceptance of a self. Many forget just in everyday life to take time out for themselves, put the needs of others before their own and lose themselves in negative thoughts or words.

Now self-love does not mean acting selfishly, but rather putting your own needs on an equal footing with others and valuing them.

When you learn what value you have and how important you are to yourself, you will become more independent of other people's affection and you will follow your heart.

How can you learn self-love?

With small mindfulness exercises, you can learn to love yourself relatively quickly. My 3 tips, for more self-love I would like to put to you today to the heart:

 1. Take time for yourself

Yes, this sounds simple at first, but it is increasingly difficult, especially in this day and age. Through the smartphones and social media also came the pressure to be always and everywhere available. On-call for your best friend, small talk with colleagues and daily Instagram Stories and photos of what you're up to. When was the last time you did something for yourself alone?

Tips for more me-time

1 hour a day social detox = put smartphone aside and enjoy offline time. Read an exciting book or an inspiring magazine. Be creative by painting or crafting. Go for a walk in quiet places and enjoy the silence. Listen to your favorite music. Do something good for your body with yoga and relaxation exercises.

But the most important: Tell your partner and family openly that you need this time for yourself and you are not available during this time!

2. Treat yourself!

This is my favorite tip for you. Even small things in everyday life, which conjure up a smile on your face or give you more well-being and self-confidence, you should hold on to. Just reward yourself with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or a delicious bar of chocolate.

Treat yourself to a wellness treatment with special beauty treatments or special cosmetic products that support your natural beauty and pamper you.

Like for example the Hyalove Hyaluronserum. With the Hyalove Serum you pamper your skin with pure moisture so that it becomes softer, softer and firmer. Especially now in winter, your skin needs a lot of care.

Your skin will absorb the Hyaluronic Acid immediately and store it in every layer of skin that your skin remains protected from dryness even in the long term.

10 minutes of downtime when you apply Hyalove to cleansed skin and leave it on in a relaxed manner is like a freshness boost for the skin and at the same time a pampering program for you.

 3. Don't take yourself and life too hard

Too much expectation from yourself and life can be quite exhausting. Of course, you should set goals for yourself and also strive for happiness and success. But at what cost?

Nobody is made for a perfect, flawless life. I am of the opinion that it is even good to make mistakes. Because how else are you going to grow and gain experience from it?

detail picture lip care dr massing woman smile

My conclusion for you:

Self-love can be learned and is quite important if you want to live consciously. Self-love is not being selfish, but following your heart and your needs.

3 Tips as a small reminder in everyday life to let go, to take care of yourself and to claim more time for yourself. What tips are you already living for more self-love? ❤️

Treat yourself is one of the 3 tips for more self-love. 

Fitting for this year's Valentine's Day, where the focus is on the love of two people, we celebrate self-love. Because this is exactly the love you should show yourself every day and especially appreciate. Whether as a personal reminder or as special love gift.

With the LOVE Edition you spoil yourself and treat yourself to even more beauty. In the gift box you will find the eyelash serum LongLashes for a gorgeous eye look, with which you seduce your loved one and the hyaluronic lip care SoftLips for soft, full lips, making hours of smooching a pleasure.

eyelash serum soft lips dr massing lip care

Did you like this blog article? How do you deal with the issue of self-love? Comment on this post now.

I look forward to it.
Your Pia 💖

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