Wave eyelashes: Naturally beautiful eyelashes

Klimper Wimpern: Natürlich schöne Wimpern

Who does not dream of long, thick eyelashes and a perfect, almost filmy eye look?

Already in ancient Egypt, tools were developed to make the eyelashes look more beautiful, thicker and more voluminous.

Nowadays, the desire for fabulous eyelashes can fortunately be fulfilled more easily.

The beauty trick box has grown and there are now a variety of effective care products for the eyelashes, such as growth-promoting eyelash serums.

These sustainably supply the eyelashes with valuable vitamins, peptides and moisture, which stimulates the growth of the eyelashes. For maximum length and thick eyelashes would be already provided.

To ensure that the eyelashes can give the eye an even more intense look and expression, mascara is then applied.

With mascara, the eyelashes receive their final touches and appear even more voluminous and the eye much more expressive.

For the natural, beautiful eyelash look, we therefore only need the right beauty talents for the eyelashes.

eyelash serum mascara dr massing

LongLashes - longer and thicker lashes

This vegan eyelash serum provides maximum length, powerful lashes and an enchanting eye look

The unique formula ensures thick, long and strengthened lashes due to the high concentration of growth-promoting active ingredients, in combination with nourishing substances and vitamins such as biotin and hyaluronic acid.

LongLashes contains no silicones, PEGs or mineral oils. The serum is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Learn more about the miracle product LongLashes

VolumeMascara - Hyaluron for thicker lashes

With the Volume Mascara stuck lashes and crumbling mascara are a thing of the past. The unique care formula consists of high-quality hyaluronic acid, shea butter and beeswax.

Hereby the eyelashes are sustainably supplied with moisture, cared for and voluminous mascara. For optimal compatibility, the product is without silicones, PEGs or mineral oils.

Find out more about the mascara

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