Care for eyelashes: 4 tips for beautiful, long eyelashes

Wimpern pflegen: 4 Tipps für schöne, lange Wimpern

Your eyelashes, like your entire body, need targeted care. Especially if they are mascaraed and shaped daily, you should take good care of your eyelashes.

Only then they remain really permanently beautiful and healthy.

In today's blog post, I tell you what things you should look for when choosing a good eyelash care and how you can still support your eyelashes.

My 4 tips for your eyelash care

1. Remove makeup properly

Some may think you can't go far wrong here, but irritating ingredients in makeup remover and vigorous scrubbing can stress lashes, causing them to fall out more.

Make sure the cotton pad or your microfiber cloth is sufficiently moistened and you gently clean your eyes from the inside out.

If you prefer to use special makeup removers, it is gentler on the skin if they are without alcohol, phenoxyethanol, silicones, parabens, and mineral oils, as these can irritate your skin.

2. Get your eyelashes in shape

To give your eyelashes even more curl, many use an eyelash curler or do an eyelash lift. With an eyelash curler, individual, stubborn eyelashes can be tamed especially well spontaneously.

When you do this, you should be careful not to shape them too strongly and too long, otherwise they can break. An eyelash lift has the advantage that the curl will last for several weeks.

We recommend that you have the eyelash lift done by a trained beautician - after all, you also go to the hairdresser you trust if you want great hair.

Cosmeticians are your subject matter experts. They use high-quality products and can style your eyelashes perfectly. The treatment takes only a few minutes, and the curl lasts for several weeks.

3. The right mascara with oils

Finding the perfect mascara is like finding a needle in a haystack. Some love maximum volume, others love the natural look.

When choosing a mascara, however, the point of care is often forgotten. Unfortunately, there are far too often products that contain irritating substances and dry out the lashes during the day. To make sure your lashes look their best, they need to be cared for

To keep your eyelashes beautiful and healthy, we recommend mascara with high-quality active ingredients such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid or vitamins. Your eyelashes are thus even more cared for, strengthened and grow back healthier. Here, our Volume Mascara is very suitable.

4. Use an eyelash serum with hyaluronic acid

To keep your eyelashes permanently healthy and beautiful, we recommend as addition an eyelash serum. An eyelash serum has the advantage that your own eyelashes are strengthened from the inside and cared for outside.

But especially the eyelash serums with active growth ingredients are a highlight, because with it you extend your own eyelashes to the maximum. But watch out - there are big differences here.

Some eyelash serums contain only oils and are indeed well suited as care. If you really want to lengthen your eyelashes, however, you should rely on eyelash serums with activating active ingredients.

The Lash serum LongLashes. is particularly suitable.

dr massing eyelash serum hand pink background

This eyelash serum has namely no less than 6 growth active ingredients that lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.

It also contains hyaluron and biotin as care ingredients, making your eyelashes even thicker and stronger. And the best part? The eyelash serum is hormone-free, vegan and animal-free.

Click here to find out

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