Eyelash serum during pregnancy

Wimpernserum in der Schwangerschaft

This year is a real BabyBoom! But just because you're pregnant must not automatically mean that you have to do without everything, right?

It is said that pregnant women radiate more from the inside, are happier and this special time also makes the skin more beautiful. But not everyone feels that way! Some suffer quite a bit from nausea or impurities and bad skin.

There you want to keep but at least the long dream eyelashes which conjure up a smile on your face every morning. Through which one feels so beautiful and natural.

Can I use an eyelash serum when I am pregnant?

At this time, there is no study that has tested the use of an eyelash serum by a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

The extent to which the (un)born child absorbs microparticles of the active ingredients through the mother's metabolism and processes them itself cannot be estimated from our side, which is why we want to be on the safe side.

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Can I use Long Lashes when I'm pregnant?

With Long Lashes, you get an eyelash serum that is hormone-free and vegan. Due to the own production and development by our graduate biologist, the product is safe for your health and enriched only with valuable active ingredients.

However, we advise against using the serum - for the reasons mentioned above - during this time. You and your child should be protected!!! 🤰💖

Also for product liability reasons, we have printed the statement "do not use during pregnancy, lactation or chemotherapy" on the carton.

Which products can I use?

FullHair Hair Capsules

Do you have hair loss or thinning hair due to your pregnancy or breastfeeding? It doesn't have to be! Support your hair with hair capsules from now on.

Inform yourself about the product here.

Hyalove Hyaluronic Serum

Support your skin during this special time with Hyalove Hyaluronic Serum. For a radiant appearance, high hydration and purity of your skin, the product is formulated with optimal active ingredients.

Inform yourself about the product here.

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