Eyelash serum after Eyelash Lift

Wimpernserum nach Wimpernlifting

Women want long, beautiful and buoyant eyelashes! And preferably quickly, naturally and without much effort.

We want to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror "ready made up" and not worry about our short eyelashes.

We can now fight the battle with our eyelashes every morning, get an expensive eyelash extension done, or simply lengthen our own eyelashes and lift them into place!

My best solution for you:

A lash serum after eyelash lift

How does it sound knowing you get up in the morning and see your insanely long lashes?

It's hard to believe but it's finally possible! Today I'm telling you how to make it happen for yourself with two beauty tricks!

What is an eyelash lift and how is it done?

Quite simply put, an eyelash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes.

The treatment promises an intense eyelash curl, which should last up to six weeks. And all without make-up, eyelash curlers and false eyelashes.

The eyelash lift takes about 60 minutes. In the process, the eyelashes are lifted upward with a special perm serum and a silicone pad, which is available in various sizes, sweeping and gentle.

The larger the silicone pad, the more sweeping and natural the effect will be.

Because the silicone pad is applied directly to the lash line, even straight growing lashes and small lash hairs from the base of the eyelid to the tip get their extra curl, making them appear significantly longer, thicker and more voluminous.

How long does an eyelash lift last?

As a rule, an eyelash lift lasts up to six weeks. This, of course, varies by type and also depends on how well you take care of your eyelashes.

Just after the treatment, when your eyelash lift is fresh, you should wait about 24 hours until you (ab)schminkst your eyelashes, wet or care with beauty products.

Please also wait a day until you use your eyelash serum again after the eyelash lift. Otherwise, the effect may fade more quickly.

When removing makeup, I recommend that you use only natural products that do not contain skin-irritating substances - for example, the Makeup Eraser with which you gently remove your makeup using only water.

Is an eyelash lift dangerous?

No, as long as high quality products are used in the treatment and they do not get into the eye, an eyelash lift is not dangerous.

Please let your esthetician know if your eyes start to burn or you feel uncomfortable.

Your eyes may be a little more irritated after the lift. However, I know from personal experience that this depends on how sensitive your eyes are and how calmly you keep them closed.

This hypersensitivity, which does not have to occur in everyone, is already gone within a few hours. Then you can enjoy your wow lashes to the fullest!

Even more benefits + momentum desired?

Yes! With an eyelash serum after your eyelash lift, you can get the maximum amount of curl out of it.

A lash serum can namely extend, thicken and strengthen your own lashes in a natural way. Through this natural extension of the eyelashes, an eyelash lift looks twice as beautiful!

But also the eyebrows can be thickened by an eyebrow serum. Gaps in the eyebrows can be closed so within a few weeks.

Too thinly plucked brows can be thickened again and brought into shape. Does not that sound super?

My absolute favorite among eyelash serums is the Long Lashes Serum.

With LongLashes, you get 2-in-1 product. It's an eyelash serum and eyebrow in one!

dr massing eyelash serum white detail picture

This way you don't have to buy two products that probably contain the same active ingredients anyway. It's especially great because the narrow brush reaches every single root on the lash line and can fill in smaller gaps in your brows.

The hormone-free eyelash serum Long Lashes works, unlike other serums, with six growth active ingredients and thus achieves, according to our community, significantly faster and better results.

Then nothing stands in the way of your eyelash lift after eyelash serum and your new brow lift!

Buy LongLashes to complement your eyelash lift

To get long lashes from an eyelash lift and plump brows from a brow lift, I recommend using Long Lashes lash serum a few weeks before your treatment

This way you'll simply get the most out of your lashes and brows - I guarantee it will be much more impressive.

I hope you have a lot of fun trying it out!

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Brow lifting - the latest trend!

The eyebrows are in focus this year and are properly put in scene by a Browlifting! In doing so, the eyebrows, just like the eyelashes, get more shape and curl.

Particularly for those who have rather thinner eyebrows, a browlifting can be great, because the lifting also makes the eyebrows look much thicker. If your brows need more fullness, I recommend using an eyelash serum before the brow lift.

Here, for example, is the Long Lashes Serum, which is an eyelash serum and at the same time an eyebrow serum

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