3 Tips for Beautiful & Soft Lips

3 Tipps für schöne weiche Lippen

Many have at the end of the year, when the temperatures fall and it becomes uncomfortable outside, a recurring problem. We're talking about dry and chapped lips.

In today's blog post, learn what you should be doing for even smoother and more nourished lips.

Your 3 tips are

1. Drink enough water

Yes, sometimes it really is that simple. At least in theory, because drinking enough is often difficult, especially for women.

Not infrequently, however, dry lips are a sign of dehydration and go away by themselves, so to speak, when the fluid balance is properly replenished.

In addition to water, unsweetened tea or, for example, ginger tea are also suitable for those who want to have a little more exciting.

Drinking a lot is generally important, has a direct positive effect on our whole organism. Especially on the basis of your lips and your skin, you can see here directly an improvement, if you take enough liquid.

2. Peel your lips regularly

Peelings for the body or face have now become part of most beauty routines and the choice is almost limitless. You can exfoliate mechanically, with smaller or larger exfoliating particles, or chemically.

Lips also tolerate a gentle peeling from time to time to remove dead skin cells and make them look plumper and healthier again.

For this purpose, you can buy a wide variety of ready-made scrubs, but a DIY mixture of sugar, a little honey and olive oil is just as suitable.

The sugar crystals wear off the dead skin here, while honey and olive oil have a particularly nourishing effect and all this to 100% natural.

After that, your lips need intensive care. I recommend you for example the Lip Care SoftLips to use to let your lips become wonderfully soft and well-groomed.

3. use a high-quality lip care

Also with the lipsticks there are of course differences and while a few years ago still ultra matte lip creams were totally in the trend, which are completely dried and survived without effort a 3-course menu, the focus of most beauty brands is now again more on nourishing lipsticks, about which of course also dry and chapped lips are happy.

dr massing soft lips lip care

With matte lip creams, you can't really apply a primer or lip care underneath, otherwise the finish will be falsified, but with nourishing lipsticks this is possible and also makes sense.

For those who still do not want to do without the matte look, we recommend Softlips lip care as a base under the lipstick.

Order SoftLips and get care for your lips properly

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