Eyelash serum does not work - all just rip-off?

Wimpernserum wirkt nicht - alles nur Abzocke?

To be able to lengthen your own eyelashes in a natural way, seems to be a bit of a joke at first for many who have not yet dealt with the topic.

In this blog you will learn how eyelash serum works and why some may not work.

How does an eyelash serum work?

There are several ingredients that work to promote growth and lengthen your lashes within a few weeks.

But it is crucial that the lashes are strengthened from the inside.Thus, the small lash follicles anchor themselves much stronger to the roots and remain longer.

This "anchoring" prolongs the growth phase of the eyelashes and offers them the chance to grow even longer than usual.

Why isn't my eyelash serum working?

If you thought that every serum works equally well, let me tell you: Not all eyelash serums are created equal!

You have to distinguish here once between a nourishing serum (eyelash oil) and a eyelash serum and furthermore, what ingredients are used in the eyelash serum.

Lash oils have the task of nourishing the eyelashes and therefore contain many different, often natural oils - many swear by castor oil.

However, if you compare both products (eyelash serum vs. castor oil), an eyelash serum will always perform better on the topic of eyelash length. In my experience, you can hardly or only achieve weak results with an eyelash oil when it comes to lengthening the eyelashes.

An eyelash serum has the task of lengthening and thickening the eyelashes. In this respect, the eyelash serums differ greatly:

  • by the ingredients
  • Whether it is hormone-free
  • Whether it comes from certified manufacturing (Germany?)
  • was it manufactured without animal testing?
  • how the serum is applied (brush, sponge or brush)
  • Is there before and after photos or regular feedback?
  • Who is behind the brand?

How well an eyelash serum works depends on how many active ingredients are in the eyelash serum.

Some serums have only 1 to max. 2 active ingredients (often these are also purely herbal), other serums rely here on > 5 pieces.

Which serum would you take if you knew that you can achieve faster & better results with more active ingredients?

Lash serum - all just a rip-off?

With all the information on the internet, you can be quite confused. I can understand why you're skeptical - and that's a good thing! Especially if you bought a product that didn't work.

In your choice of an eyelash serum, I want you to take note

  • Whether the brand discloses all the ingredients of the products - only then you can really read through them and get informed properly
  • Is there positive feedback about the product and how authentic and honest is this?
  • Are there personal messages from the community?
  • Are there detailed blog posts?
  • Are there before and after photos?
  • Who is behind the brand?

These questions and my information for you, will definitely help you find the best eyelash serum. Our own eyelash serum LongLashes meets all the criteria that I have addressed in this blog post.

Our Long Lashes Serum has already been a test winner, has proven itself thousands of times over and can shine with results - 100%, free of animal testing, without critical ingredients and produced in Germany.

It convinces with good tolerability, fast effectiveness, is vegan, hormone-free and animal-tested. And in addition already thousandfold proven!

Click here to find out about LongLashes

eyelash serum care long lashes dr massing

More tips on an eyelash serum


How well an eyelash serum works, however, also depends on how regularly you use it and whether you have the right skincare products and makeup remover.

Especially if you use the Long Lashes Serum we recommend not to use oils and silicones.

Because these two active ingredients close the skin and the underlying lash roots and the serum can not work properly. So you recognize oils and silicones (words and endings with ...)

  • -cone = silicones, ...
  • -oil = oils, ...
  • -coco = coconut oil, coconut surfactant is based on coconut oil

Summarized the most important facts for you:

  • Use a serum instead of an eyelash oil (eyelash oil = purely nourishing ingredients)
  • Use a serum with growth ingredients - the more, the faster the results
  • Oils and silicones can affect the effect of eyelash serum

Did you like this blog article? What are your experiences with an eyelash serum? Comment on this post now.

I look forward to it.
Your Pia 💖

Show me the Serum!


Karin Bitter

Karin Bitter

Habe das Serum und auch die Wimperntusche bereits mehrfach bestellt. Es sind zwei tolle Produkte.
Meine Wimpern waren durch jahrelang geklebte Wimpern total kaputt und abgebrochen. Meine Wimpern sind jetzt ( nach 8 bis 10 Wochen und länger…) täglicher Nutzung wieder lang und dicht.
Ich kann beide Produkte sehr empfehlen.



Ja, das Wimpernserum kann auch verwendet werden, wenn die Wimpern gefärbt werden. Nur vor und am Behandlungstag selbst empfehlen wir das Serum nicht anzuwenden, da die Augen durch das Färben ohnehin empfindlicher sind. :-) LG Pia

Gundula Jeller

Gundula Jeller

Das Wimpernserum ist super und auch meine Freunde und Bekannten schwärmen davon.
Spätestens in 1 Monat schon sichtbarer Erfolg. Aber Täglich anwenden.
Ich werde auch immer wieder gefragt, ob meine Wimpern echt sind.

Helma Beißner-Oelkers

Helma Beißner-Oelkers

Ich bin erst am Anfang mit dem Serum ( 10. Tag ) und benutze es aufgrund Empfehlung einer Freundin. Kann ich meine Wimpern auch färben lassen, obwohl ich das Serum benutze?

Nurten Avcibas

Nurten Avcibas

Ich bin sehr sehr zu Frieden mit Dr. Massing Produkte und habe auch viele Bekannten und Freunde und meiner Kunden empfohlen ich seit die besten 🤗

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